Sex, drugs, rock and roll or day job at the office which will it be? It’s neither. It’s all about fantastic music. I am not really sure how I got to where I am; playing the music my parents warned me about.

Twelve years ago seems like yesterday. Back then I was playing my practical classical guitar exams and now I’m in a metal band. I have always appreciated music in general, and all the antics that goes with it, production, recording, engineering etc.

I remember the first album I ever bought was Sepultura “Roots Bloody Roots”. When I first listened to it I thought, damn this is heavy. It was my birthday actually, and my mom and I went down to the music store just down the road. I picked out the album with the four dancing men on the front and the album name at the bottom, I don’t know if the look on her face was shock or curiosity. After that it was all sorts, Metallica, Led-Zeppelin, Iron Maiden but to mention a few. This is where it all began.

The first instrument I ever played was a piano believe it or not. I kept to that for some time, but an overly angry music teacher convinced me that piano was not for me.  After the piano fiasco the guitar caught on quite quickly and soon I started studying classical guitar. I developed my guitaring abilities into something louder and heavier when I got my first electric, with a custom made amp by an electrical engineer my dad knew, and a stock standard fiery red Cort six string. I was soon jamming in my bedroom with sound that woke up most of the neighbourhood. I rocked out to almost everything I could lay my hands on.

During high school I rounded up some mates and started to mess about. It was all about having fun and during rehearsal everyone did their own thing, which made it sound like one hell of a racket. After finishing school I got into a bit more serious stuff, it was then when one of my mates asked if I wanted to play bass in their band Failsafe - they meant business. Failsafe was the first band I played in where everybody actually knew what they were doing. I was impressed. It lasted for some time with members on and off, but hell we had a good time.

After the parting of Failsafe I followed my passion, bought myself a crappy sound card, I think it was equal to about sixty quid which wasn’t much back then. However, I soon started laying down some material, and as with everything, I like to try new things and experiment. I blew up a few sound cards, one because I wired it up all wrong.

As I got better and more experienced at the sound engineering aspect, I was focusing on writing songs and that was when I met Vega, who was a good friend of Failsafe’s lead singer. I always listened to her singing along to songs in the car, and at that stage she was definitely not rock star material. However, I noticed some talent hidden away and convinced her to take singing more seriously. She went for several singing lessons in London and we were off taking our music to a whole new level. At least we thought it was really good back then, but listening to it now makes me cringe. With a lot of practising and tiring arguments our music just got better and better.

Now to sum it all up I reckon the more you love it the better you will be at it and I’m pleased with what I have achieved so far. We are now in the process of recording our very first debut album which I think is going to be immense.

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