I have extensive live and studio experience with absolute dedication to drumming. My motto is to always give 100% on live performances no matter how big or small the venue.

I like playing in Neverstar because not only do we seriously rock on stage, the songs have depth and meaning to the lyrics backed by a solid chest thumping back line of Guitar and base riffs \m/

Mapex Saturn Special Edition is my weapon of choice. Love the depth and tones the Walnut shells create, backed up with G2 coated Evans heads the toms are awesome. Kick drum head is an EMAD Evans head, solid foot stomping bottom end. I choose specialist UFIP cymbals after many years of using other big name brands, nothing comes close to an Italian hand tuned ride. All hard ware is Mapex, pedals are custom Iron Cobra Coils doubles. Sticks are Vic Firth 7As, red ones cos I like them!

My invfluendes are Dream Theatre, Stone Sour, Demon Hunter, Five Finger Death Punch, Rush, Evanescence, Lacunna Coil, and anything that Rocks!

Steve joined Neverstar in November 2013 after the departure of Leigh Prout.

Twitter @NeverstarMusic

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