I'll Be Waiting Lyrics

A new Dawn

Time goes by so fast
When you’re caught up in this race
I can’t remember
When last I’ve seen your face
I’m getting stranded here
Just get me out of this place
It’s my misery that trapped us all


I’m letting go
But I’m not giving up
I’m changing my destiny
Just give it me now
I’m letting go
But I’m not giving in
I’m forgetting my history
Stop controlling me now

All these memories
Makes me hold on to you
You might be gone now
With the angels you will never lie
I’ll be leaving you
And your lifeless haunting eyes
You’re looking down on me
My last goodbye


You’ve destroyed my soul
With your shameful game
My timeless sacrifice
You’ve destroyed it all
But you can’t touch me now
We’re not the same

Chorus x 2