I'll Be Waiting Lyrics

Not Over Yet

I am wrapped up in the past
Where my secrets come to life
In this graveyard full of memories
Even though I run all night
I can’t seem to reach the light
The darkness is holding on to me

And I don’t know if i can last
And make it to the end


But I have to try
To reach up high and turn this all around
I have to see
If I can’t be the part of me  that sees it through
It’s not over yet
If I take one step and turn this all around
But I have to try
To reach up high

How can I move on
When these tears are a part of me
Like a background in my photograph
Some day the time will come
When I forget about these doubts
What has gone
And what is tearing me apart

I am here in the raging fire
Falling off the ledge


Late at night this house of cards
Is tumbling down