Gig diary: The Red Lion Gravesend, 16 February

Written by Vega Sims.

Line-up: Neverstar, Training Icarus, Lightwish

Last night we shared the stage with two awesome bands, playing at a pretty amazing venue.  The Red Lion in Gravesend has been around for many years, and has played host to an array of bands. If you’re ever in the area, we’d recommend that you pop round there as you most likely will find great music accompanied by a lively local crowd. 

Now streaming 'Don't Call'

Written by Neverstar.

Our new single 'Don't Call' which is due out on 4 February is now available for streaming!

I'll Be Waiting album art

Written by Neverstar.

Neverstar - I'll be Waiting album artWe're happy to reveal the artwork for our new album 'I'll Be Waiting' which is due out on 8 April 2013.

The tracklisting will be as follows:

1. Intro
2. Lose Control
3. Don’t Call
4. Break Me Apart
5. Not Over Yet
6. Drown The Shadows
7. City Of Sin
8. A New Dawn
9. Now Or Never
10. The Edge
11. Dry Your Tears
12. I’ll Be Waiting


Don't Call Release Date and Artwork

Written by Neverstar.

We'll be releasing our next single "Don't Call" on Monday 4 February, which will be followed by an accompanying music video at the end of February. 

Don't Call will be a digital release through Smash Down Records, available from all major online retailers. 


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