Gig diary: The White Swan in Aylesbury, 10 Nov

Written by Neverstar.

Line-up: Neverstar – Incarna - Curvature

A big thanks to everyone who came down to see us at The White Swan in Aylesbury, we had a blast! You rocked and it was awesome.

It was our first gig at the White Swan, and hopefully not our last. It’s in venues such as these that metal truly lives on and great bands can evolve and thrive, away from the hustle, rush and pressure of gigs in the big city.  It was a very intimate setting, the sound was top notch (sound engineer Tony was brilliant) and the beer was cold – what more do you want really!

Last night we could take a breath and play our hearts out to a very welcoming Aylesbury. In our opinion this is what a gig should be, about the music, about the people and about the magic of souls meeting somewhere between a lyrical nuance, a pounding drum/bass beat and a guitar riff that hits you straight in the chest.

We’ve shared the stage with Curvature a few times now and we have seen these guys and gal grow and evolve and it’s been truly amazing. This was one of those nights where we made some new friends with the audience and bands who share the same passion for music as we do.

We were happy to be on the bill with Curvature (who so kindly organised the event) and Incarna who will be supporting Delain next year.

Thanks to everyone involved, we’ll meet again.

London, we'll see you at Nambucca on 21 November for our last date this year - let's make it a big one!

Cheers, Neverstar.

Our setlist was: Lose Control, Now or Never, Not Over Yet, Drown the Shadows, Break Me Apart, City of Sin, I'll be Waiting and Don't Call.

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